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Don't allow these deadly mistakes to derail your career

Find out the career mistakes that 97% of working professionals commit. Be among top 3% by learning strategies to avoid them

These are the most critical 8 career mistakes I wish I knew when I was 20.

Take charge of your career or someone else will.

I see countless working professionals daily going for the job they hate and struggling to climb up the a career ladder that doesn’t bring fulfilment. Every promotion or higher responsibility multiplies their work pressure and stress. They feel stuck.

Does this resonate with you?

If yes, then you need creativity.

Creativity can help you work out a 'Strategic Creative Framework' to identify the right career niche, rewire your brain, get unstuck, create career opportunities through personal branding and fast-track your career growth doing what you love.

Hi, I am Miliind Harrdas

I am on a mission to help a hundred thousand working professionals to achieve their biggest career aspirations while doing what they love.

Avoid These 8 Deadly Career Mistakes

Be among top 3% and sky rocket your career

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